Are you struggling with growth? Overwhelmed? Lacking accountability?
Not making deadlines? Not sure what to do next?

We install a standard Management Operating System (MOS) in weeks that would normally take years for any company to evolve themselves.  

Grow any company to $10M, $25M or $100M with these standard Management Systems. Our Founder grew two startups to over $100M.  And has traned thousands of CEOs at The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp too.  

This works in any company, and any industry and incorporates hundreds of proven best practices.  We can install it in weeks with no disruption in revenue.  Life will get easier. You will attract and keep better employees, raise capital easier and begin growing rapidly.  Call (619) SCALE06 for a free evaluation.  


Month-to-Month Performance Improvement Program

Install all the Management Systems You Need at the budget and pace you like.


Under this program you can pay a flat monthly retainer fee starting as low as $2,500 per month. We can go as slow or as fast as your company and team can handle to install the appropriate Management Systems shown below. A team of dedicated professional consultants and coaches will be on call and driving your company's performance higher each month. Each engagement is led by an AirTight Black Belt Consultant with over 20 years experience. 

Typically we will work on one System at a time and that will take from 8 to 12 weeks per System. Larger and older companies may be slower. Your team can proceed at their own pace using our Video Training Library (VLT) 24/7/365 while we coach them and provide live training and support too. Our expert consultants will design the program and do the tough design parts to customize each System for your business (i.e. Design Dashboards, work on the Strategic Plan).

An initial consultation will determine the order we recommend based on your current needs. We will dedicate each month to a new set of tasks and continually inject performance improvement. On the low end of the retainer range this would likely take about two years and on the higher end would be done in a fraction of that time. Either way there is no long term contract or commitment and you get to see results every month before continuing. 

This program allows any company to continually work on their Management Systems and performance at a flat monthly cost for as long as it takes to get there. 



The reality is that any company over a dozen employees needs Systems 1-3 and most companies over 30 employees should have all Six Systems in place or be working on it. 




Strategic Planning is the most important and complex process a company must manage. It involves all areas of the business and should be done collaboratively. We will either lead or facilitate your Strategic Planning process and create the best plan you ever had. Guaranteed! Your team's collaboration with stretch their minds and abilities and create buy-in like you have never seen before. 


The strategic Planning Process is usually a three month process with three phases and uses about a dozen tools. Not all will apply to your situation but our experts will train, facilitate or even take full responsibility for your Strategic Plan. 

The Performance, Accountability and Merit Systems is a collection of management best practices within a framework of five styles of management. It includes many tools for hiring, evaluating and developing employees. In includes proven techniques that improve morale and allow you to attract and keep the best possible people. After all your company will be a direct function of the quality of people you can hire and keep. This System is supported by independent research to improve value creation in any company by 56%. 
Creating Corporate and Departmental Dashboards is an art, and one of the quickest and most impactful things a company can do. We often recommend it first to get a handle on metrics you may not be tracking and trends. 
Strategic Budgeting is an opportunity and innovation driven budget process from the bottom up, instead of an accounting and cost control drive process. Finance people are not able to evaluate market opportunities like visionaries, marketing and product people. This System includes all the tools to create a reliable and accurate budget
Every company has core "Value Creation" processes. Some should be top secret while others should be available to everyone in the company. The important thing is to have a System to document, improve and train these processes to protect institutional knowledge from turnover and to constantly improve these processes. 
 Your company is the sum of its people. The only way to win is to attract and keep the best people. That happens by having a fun and challenging culture and providing opportunity for growth and development of the key people. 



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