We help install standard Management Systems in weeks that would normally take years for companies to evolve themselves. 

Virtually every problem in any business traces back to the absence of one of Six Systems. Jim Collins in the classic book Good to Great says these systems take five to ten years to develop, even in great companies. Most businesses never develop them at all. We have developed six generic systems that can be customized for any company in weeks. These systems incorporate hundreds of proven best practices.

We are experts at finding the root causes of business problems. Often symptoms are two or more levels away from those problems and it is difficult to understand the root cause. The problem you see is almost always just a long-term effect of a missing System.  We can find and plug the holes and improve performance in every area of your business.  Call (508) 381-8013 for a free evaluation. 


 Gordon McWilliams

AirTight Network Consultant, System #2 - Dashboards
Specialty: Sales and Market Processes

With 25 years of experience at Apple, Dell and as an entrepreneur, Gordon McWilliam is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Gordon’s results-oriented style helped to fuel record growth at both Apple and Dell Computer by setting aggressive strategies and objectives and leading teams of managers to achieve significant growth in revenue and profitability.  His expertise in the training, management and administration of medium to large domestic and global marketing and sales teams make him a valuable asset.

Gordon has founded and grown two highly successful businesses of his own. Both businesses were built from the ground up and give Gordon invaluable insight into the requirements necessary to sustain and grow a business. Gordon’s corporate and entrepreneurial background in marketing, sales, operations and day to day management gives him the unique ability to bring his knowledge and innovation to a broad spectrum of businesses. His willingness to listen and analyze a problem before finding a solution is key to working with his clients and is a significant strength. As a lifelong learner, Gordon has always been able to stay ahead of the curve by bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the status quo.

While consulting with companies around the world, Gordon is able to teach his clients how to take advantage of the significant opportunities in the marketplace and avoid the mistakes that so often cause businesses to grow slowly or in many cases fade away. Consulting, coaching and collaborating with organizations to achieve their maximum growth provide his greatest satisfaction.

Gordon resides in Aliso Viejo with his wife Janell and is also passionate about his family, music and golf.


Specialties include:

  • Business Optimization
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Major Account Sales Strategies
  • Sales Force Management
  • Business Analysis and Dashboard Creation
  • Sales Compensation Plans