• Dave Lindahl, CEO, RE Mentor

    I have used Bob Norton as a CEO coach and consultant to implement his AirTight Management systems. Bob is one of the few people nationally I found who actually has "Been there and done that," growing multiple companies to over $100M in sales. In just six weeks, we were able to implement the first three systems of AirTight Management. They have moved our company to a new level of professionalism that will allow us to continue our rapid growth and succeed at a whole new level.

  • Craig Brenner, CEO, NEDS

    I was skeptical regarding the value I might get from attending. I went and was extremely happy with the higher-level strategy information and its application to my business. Following my "2nd" time attending, I became a coaching client too. I gained insights, perspectives and a ton of value. I recommend it highly and with confidence.

  • Paul T., CEO, iFive Alliances

    What I like the most is that it is real. There is no fluff. One example is using Competitive Landscape Maps. You explain the purpose and process of using the tools, and then you apply it, and people learn real things about their business.

  • John Edmond, President, Angel Data Networks

    I thought this seminar was appropriate for any senior-level executive who wants to get on the same page strategically with their team and boost their business. I feel I greatly underpaid for the value delivered.


Dashboard Tip #1: The magic of dashboards is in selecting the right metrics (KPIs) to watch, not the software and sizzle of colors and graphs.

An expert designed dashboard will frame and focus a company, or department, and drive the right results even just using a spreadsheet. Dashboards help the manager run, improve and report on their department better. Dashboards are like the radar for a ship used to steer and project trends into the future. A quality dashboard can upgrade any department and manager's performance significantly. We recommend any department with more than five employees have a departmental dashboard. 

For Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) all these things drive essentially the same thing to measure, manage and constantly improve performance (Kaizen):

- Executive Dashboards (Corporate level)
- Performance Management (PM)
- Business Intelligence (BI)
- Process Management (PM)
- Departmental Management Dashboards
- Business Performance Management (BPM)

Big companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, on software and training to do what we do for SMBs with simple conventions and tools.

AirTight Management provides all the essential elements of these disciplines in a simple to implement way that can be installed easily. It integrates best practices from hundreds of sources into a training program, coaching program and consulting program customized for each client.

Our Experts Will Design a Killer, Custom Executive Dashboard That Will Enhance Your Company and Department Performance in Days.

Then we will train and coach all your employees to use it well,
generating a fast ROI by improving your business constantly -- every month from then on, forever . . . 
All for a Flat Rate - Guaranteed!

   What You Get:

1. Unlimited online video on-demand training for all employees (available 24/7/365) on the benefits and process of using dashboards to educate and sell the solution internally. Training on management best practices is what will make dashboards work effectively. Without it this change fails.  Dashboards, with appropriate training, will focus your employees and generate results. Your team's performance will naturally increase each month for many months. We have separate courses for executives, managers and individual contributors.

2. Our proprietary dashboard design process and expertise to create a custom dashboard that will drive results, profits, cost savings and competitive advantage, not just activities, quickly includes all these for one flat fee:
       a) Discovery of business objectives and strategy to design into the dashboard
       b) Interviews of department heads (1 hour each) to design best the best metrics for
           each area of the business.
       c) Deliver initial dashboard design for team review and education
       d) Deliver second revision based on team meeting
       e) Final design delivery with tweaks

We will create a powerful dashboard and train your entire team, usually in just 2 weeks. This will impact your company's performance significantly - without disrupting any current workload. Most employees will only need about 2-3 hours over the 2-3 week process to complete their training and contribution. Managers will need 

3. Phone interviews of key employees by a business expert (not an IT expert) who has designed dashboards for over twenty years. He will create the optimum Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to run your company (not use an industry template). Proper selection of these KPIs by experts generates over 80% of the value from dashboards and Performance Management. Generally, we will create 30 to 45 KPIs for a company in four categories across all departments. Every dashboard is custom, not a template based on your industry that many will provide. 

4. Live group webinar and individual support for Q & A after the video training for your team is completed (week #1) as the design process kick-off meeting.

5. Delivery of final design in a spreadsheet with all processes and documentation needed to implement proper monthly review, data collection and strategic level adjustments that come from good Business Intelligence. Remember we provide complete management Best Practices training on how to use dashboards too.

6. Follow-up support is also included for 30 days after the design phase is completed to answer questions and help implement. This includes us attending a monthly dashboard review meeting by phone and coaching best practices for Management By Exception (MBE) during that meeting.


Companies under 50 Employees: $4,995 (50% down + 50% on completion)
Companies => 50 to 75 employees: $6,500 (ditto), 
75 to 150 employees: $8,500 - Over 150: Call for quote based on your company.

for questions or to schedule your dashboard implementation process today.

How can we do this so cost effectively when some consultants will charge tens of thousands for the same, or even less work?

1. We eliminate the expensive sales process, contract and all the other overhead of Management Consulting engagements and just do the work.

2. We use our proprietary 24/7/365 on-demand Video Training Library (VTL) to train your staff, saving many man-hours of our expert's time and travel, as well as making it convenient, easy and quick for your staff 24/7. Eliminating travel reduces cost greatly.

3. We focus on the right metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), not the technology for a practical, fast implementation using only spreadsheets. Small to medium size companies should always use spreadsheets first for at least six months, not spend tens of thousands of dollars on special software, custom coding and training.

4. We provide a 100% guarantee you will be happy. We will support you until you have successfully implemented internally. 

That's it. This streamlined, technology enabled process allows us to do all this in two to three weeks - we are that good - really! Guaranteed. When others would take months. We also know you'll love our work and likely need more help later to grow.

No special software is needed, and you can use any software vendor you many select later. Our design and training service is completely software agnostic. Your corporate dashboard will be created in a standard spreadsheet anyone can update. We recommend all dashboards start this way and be used for many months before any investment is made in automating the data collection and distribution with software. That can cause many problems and take months, even years. And it is not needed. The important thing is having proper metrics to make business decisions fast. You can plug this design (proven KPIs) into any IT system at any time, when desired, or may decide to continue using a simple spreadsheet for years.

What do you want?
A) A dashboard template and/or software package (product) that forces you to do all the hard "art" yourself? Or
B) A complete solution, custom designed by a Business Intelligence (BI) expert that includes all the expertise, training and
coaching you need to be successful?
Tough decision?  Not after you talk to us it won't be!

Our included Video Training Library (VTL) courses include all the management best practices you need to leverage dashboards well. 
It is people, not software that makes dashboards an effective tool.
The training for your staff will increase team and department performance.
We do not just give you the dashboard and leave, we provide everything needed for success. 

Watch this short video introduction to our Dashboards and Metrics System. 

Dashboards is one of the quickest and easiest Management Systems to implement for a fast impact on any business.

We have several courses to ease implementation of dashboards into your firm.

The key, and magic, is in the design of the proper metrics to watch which frame each department and function, as well as the proper training of your team. Doing this well requires decades of broad business experience.

We also train and certify professional business consultants and coaches to design, train and implement dashboards. 

On-demand video training, shot in our own studio, is used for consistent, effective and low-cost training of your team. We can train and certify employees, managers and individuals to do just what they need to after we help you create your custom dashboard(s). Optional professional certifications are also available.

For the best and quickest results, and lowest risk, we recommend you use experts only to design your dashboard's KPIs at both the corporate and departmental levels. For many reasons people inside your company are too close and lack the experience to get this right without months or years of trial and error. We are very, very good at this and can do it very quickly too.

Done right these dashboards will impact your business dramatically and change how you think about it too. It will allow owners and managers to work "on" the business, not just "in it". Improving every month. We can design your corporate dashboard in as little as a week. You will be amazed how much leverage you can get running a business by the numbers. And how your managers will become better managers by having this too also.


Tip #3: There are four categories of numbers that need to be in every dashboard to make it effective. If you do not have all four, balanced, the dashboard and metrics will not work well. The system will be "gamed", or skewed. Bad KPIs can even hurt performance.  

 Just like any other art or complex skill, you must hire an expert to get it right. Business management and dashboard design are both complex arts. Don't do paint by numbers (templates) when you need custom, and don't go it alone either. Hire someone who has all the right expertise and has done it for ten years or more - never a software person, accountant or self-professed expert who has never run a business before. Would you try to fly a plane alone without using an instructor first? 


Legal disclosure:  The dashboard is a copyrighted "work for hire" and becomes 100% owned by you upon final payment. All our work is always kept confidential.

Optionally we can come on site to handhold everyone through the change process and guarantee results right through implementation of data capture and integration with any existing management processes. This is a more labor intensive with travel time and expenses added and needs a custom quote. Or to be billed on a time and materials basis. This is sometimes appropriate for companies with more than 50 employees where there are compelling issues or where a quick impact will generate a high ROI by getting it done fast with minimal risk and cost is not the issue.