In any startup company, EACH employee MUST wear many hats. In a large company, job specialization is the rule. However, job specialization does not make for a successful startup, as it requires too many people and both the costs and risks would greatly increase with the added levels of people and communication.

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How Professional Managers Set Goals and Get 56% More Productivity from Their Teams

The Father of Management, Peter Drucker first invented a formal goal setting process called Management By Objective (MBO back in the 1960s.  Human beings have not change much at all since then.  Most people require supervision and managers.  MBO is both a process and very specific goal.

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Raising funding is a complex process that few understands as they are often doing it for the first time. I would say about 90% of people I see present to angels just “don’t get it”. They do not understand what outside investors need to see to invest. The course above gives the foundational fundamentals that ALL investors want to see.

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