AirTight Management is a Comprehensive System That Solves Most of Your Management Problems


The Four Systems:
1. Strategic Planning System,
2. Performance, Accountability and Merit System,
3. Dashboards & Metrics (for the corporation and each department or division),
4. Strategic Budgeting

This page describes each of the first four systems in some detail as well as typical symptoms of not having these systems to help diagnose which ones you need. You can also call (619) SCALE06 to get a free 30-minute diagnosis based on your company's specific challenges. This audio training set provides the foundation. The added Implementation Kit and License includes about 200 supporting files.

What If One Framework & Philosophy Could Solve ALL Your Management Problems?


Strategy, Performance, Metrics, Budgeting, People Issues, Process etc.

The AirTight Management System platform is the result of compiling all the best ideas from hundreds of management gurus over the last 20 years into an easy to train framework with six Systems. We have created the most comprehensive management "Operating System" for any small business available today. It contains everything you need to take your company from 6 to 250 employees. AirTight Management is the first standard ever for internal management systems and each component is practical and easy to implement in days or weeks, not years. Management and leadership are arts that cannot be trained entirely but this framework greatly increases corporate value creation, communications and success.

Other books and courses address only small slices of the problem and never provide a holistic philosophy that can address all management issues. This system is a complete "how to" road map to get it all done.

After five years of effort and testing we have assembled the first comprehensive internal management system standard platform ever created. In some ways it is like Einstein's "Unified Field Theory" as it ties all things that make a corporation successful together into one complete framework that is trainable. 

What We Promise AirTight Management Will Do For Your Company
If You Implement It Well:

  1. Validate and greatly improve your Strategic Plan, brand and value proposition and help you communicate this better to employees, customers and other stakeholders. You will gain more market share and retain it longer-term.
  2. Boost the performance of every department and individual in your organization. In fact research has already proven an increase of over 50% in corporate value creation by just one component of one System!
  3. Be able to leverage every manager's time better by running departments and products on autopilot
  4. Develop employees to their maximum potential by leveraging the science of psychology and key success principles proven over the last 3 decades by the latest in brain science.
  5. See changes coming in your market a year before your competition and predict results better.
  6. Smoothly grow and get through growth plateaus that stop or stall 90% of companies
  7. Attract and keep the best people and maintain that fire in the belly that generates superior results


AirTight Management's Strategic Planning Kit is your #1 tool for success


In just six weeks we were able to implement the first three systems of AirTight Management. They have moved our company to a new level of professionalism that will allow us to continue our rapid growth and succeed at a whole new level. 
  -- Dave Lindahl,
 CEO, RE Mentor


Michael Porter
Jim Collins
Clayton M. Christensen
Andrew Grove
W. Edward Deming
Alfred P. Sloan
Sam Walton
Warren Buffet
Richard Branson
Jeffrey Gitomer
Robert Kaplan
Peter Norton
Perter Drucker
Jack Welch
Seth Godin
Peter Senge
Michael Gerber 
Michael Hammer 
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Steve Covey
Sun Tzu
Harvey Mackay
T.J. Rogers 
John Assaraf
John Nesheim

Geoffrey Moore
James Champy
Ken Blanchard
Dale Carnegie
Tom Peters
Robert Waterman
Jack Trout
Al Reis
Brian Tracy
Patricia Sybold
Rob Ryan
Malcolm Gladwell
Robert Kaplan
Warren Buffet
Gordon Bell
Faith Popcorn
Harry Beckwith
Anthony Robbins
Napoleon Hill
Sigmund Freud
Carl Jung
W. Chan Kim
Renee Mauborgne
Bob Proctor 
over 150 more. . .




SYSTEM #1: AirTight Strategic Planning System 


The Strategic Plan is the foundation of your company that makes all the decisions about "what" you will do long term and some strategies for "how" it will get done (a shorter-term Business Plan). Do not confuse the two. A Strategic Plan should ideally be completed BEFORE you start work on a business plan. Business plans include more of the "How" you will accomplish things in a 1-3 year time frame. Strategic Plans set up the company for 5 or more years. 

This seven audio CD set provides not just the three Systems training, process maps and key tools but also a license to use over 200 supporting files on the CD data DISC including:

- Sample Strategic Plans - Agendas - Competitive Mapping Tools
- Printable Worksheets - Blank Templates - Marketing and Messaging Tools

A quality, professional Strategic Planning Facilitator will cost from $10,000 to $25,000. With this complete strategic planning kit you can get many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. You can create an optimum strategic plan and achieve superior results for your company using this kit and process.

The Strategic Planning Process is the most critical process in your organization. A poorly designed Strategic Plan can create insurmountable problems in your business and often squanders opportunities that you are never presented again. To get the most out of your management team you need a tightly choreographed strategic planning process that will allow maximum collaboration to leverage all the wisdom, experience and knowledge in your business.

Creating a good strategic plan can and should take weeks of collaboration. One way to reduce that time - and the resulting costs - is a better understanding of the process and elements of strategic planning. This kit will help you understand and implement a good Strategic Plan by laying out best practices to go through this process. The kit contains seven audio CDs as well as sample plans, blank templates, printable worksheets and even agendas for the key meetings all companies should have.

Benefits of this Strategic Planning Process and Kit:
  • Maximize communication and collaboration to tap into all the experience and knowledge of the entire team
  • Insure everyone on your team is up to speed on all the strategic issues, risks to manage and interdependencies
  • Develop a set of annual and quarterly objectives that are realistic but also stretch the team and company's overall performance
  • Guarantee close examination of the competitive landscape and understanding of it by the management team
  • Enhance innovation of the company and yet manage the risk that is always the flip side of innovation
  • Tap into the power of the subconscious mind and proven organizational psychology principles
  • Insure that each department and all its members are "owners" of their part of the plan with total buy-in 
  • Document everything to make sure there is complete accountability by department, and subsequently for each person who's individual goals will be mapped into the corporate goals in a way they can understand



Signs that your organization needs a better strategic plan and process:

  1. Management team cannot ALL state clearly where the company is going toward at least one year out and quarterly corporate priorities
  2. Trouble hiring quality senior people, or an inability to keep the best people
  3. Lots of competition for resources which causes friction between people and departments
  4. Employees avoid making simple decisions, taking responsibility and taking reasonable risks - putting the "monkey on their boss's back"
  5. Employees think management is poor and usually fail to develop in their own capabilities
  6. There is a lack of appropriate corporate culture and commitment and festering morale issues which may not be obvious to management
  7. Lack of increasing market share and revenues
  8. Being a follower, always behind competitors in a market which prevents good margins


SYSTEM #2: Performance, Accountability and Merit System  (PAMS)

This system also provides the training, process maps, tools and audio CDs with a license for over 200 supporting files on a CD DISC you need to smoothly implement these systems. The PAMS system trains your management team in best practices for management. There are five styles of management that every manager should know how to use to be effective. Knowing when to use each is critical to success.


Benefits that implementing the PAM System will create in your company:

1. There will be completely clear lines of accountability and expectations on each department and person.

2. The CEO and senior management will not have to track every detail, interaction and ripple effect of changes to inform everyone else.

3. The management team will begin to gel as a true team, working together without politics and finger pointing, to accomplish strategic objectives.

4. The management will begin to value and spend time working "on" the business, not just "in" the business to improve results every month and quarter.

5. There will be complete buy-in and commitment from management and individuals to deliver key priorities, projects and tasks that are generated by the System #1 Strategic Planning process and these will flow down to all employees.

6. Management team members will grow and develop as professionals and also have the language, models and tools to educate and coach their people to higher performance


Robert Rodgers and John Hunter concluded that companies whose CEOs demonstrated high commitment to these management practices showed, on average, a 56% gain in productivity. Companies with CEOs who showed low commitment only saw a 6% gain in productivity.




Symptoms That You Are Behind the
Curve in This Area:

  1. People do not make deadlines and goals
  2. The business is not improving steadily
  3. There is lots of "finger pointing" and blaming of others making it hard to sort out root problems
  4. People expect raises and can't show results
  5. Departments have constant misunderstandings about coordinated efforts (low accountability)
  6. The CEO is the nexus of all information and responsible for coordinating everyone & Mgt. Team does not work together without him/her
  7. Managers constantly putting the monkey on the CEOs back and not making key decisions they should be able to



SYSTEM #3: Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Preparing your business to scale requires that you develop good internal metrics for each area of the business. Very few companies do this well and it is actually fairly simple to do and makes a huge difference. Dashboards allow you to leverage your all your managers’ time better, identify problems quickly, set performance goals, hold people accountable and many more wonderful things that will help your business grow faster and with less cost and risk. It is "Running the business by the numbers" so management time can be focused on key issues, not day-to-day activities.  This audio training reviews the proper way to design and implement a Corporate Dashboard and one for each department.

Typically a business needs these in any department over five people and should use them on day one in any sales, production or operations area. Dashboards must measure four types of numbers that typical accounting and budgeting measurements do not capture. Dashboards create a time series of data that is very strategic and helps project and improve your business. Dashboards are one of the AirTight Management Six Systems that will allow you to move your company from good to great.

Benefits of Implementing A Dashboard and Business Intelligence System

  1. You and your managers will have the internal department tools to monitor and measure department and employee performance
  2. You will develop an in-depth understanding of your business economics and productivity few businesses have for competitive advantage You will allow even a poor manager to perform well because you will have a system which will handle most issues
  3. You will be able to spend far less time on day-to-day activities and focus on where the real problems and opportunities are for management to work to improve
  4. You will have quality measures for each department and be able to properly balance the priorities of cost, productivity and quality as appropriate for your market and customer base
  5. Your business will enable constant and never ending improvement (CANI or Kaizen) so that your business improves and evolves monthly and quarterly
  6. You will virtually eliminate politics, finger pointing and wasted effort and friction in the management team



    Symptoms That You Are Behind the
    Curve in This Area:

  1. You don't understand the actual cost and profit and unit economics of your business
  2. You do not know the cost to acquire a new customer
  3. Declining economics/profit of the business
  4. You do not have a plan to improve costs, sales and profits
  5. You spend lots of time discussing staffing needs and new hires with managers
  6. You have surprises in the business that creep up and hurt performance


BONUS: SYSTEM #4: Strategic Budgeting 

This system also provides the training, for an innovation driven budgeting process to allocate your resources for the best return on investment. Most companies let the accounting department control and define the budgeting process. This is often a mistake because their only ability is around cost control, not opportunities and innovations. A growth company must have the people who understand the markets, risks, technology and other factors participate. This budgeting must also be highly integrated with the Strategic Planning process. This license DISC includes sample budgeting, the best report formatting, process diagrams for each budgeting cycle and maintaining alignment monthly and quarterly, as well as proper accountability. 

    Symptoms That You Are Behind the 
    Curve in This Area:

  1. Lack of budgeting process and agreement with defined monthly, quarterly and annual processes
  2. Disagreements about budget allocations between departments
  3. Empire building where individuals or departments feel they must compete for resources instead of justifying their own resources, without any limitation based on their own merit and ability to generate revenue
  4. Lack of understanding of the Return on Investment (ROI) products, departments and markets create.

AirTight Management Systems #1 through #3 Training Set

This is NOT just a training program with the process and best practices -- It is a comprehensive kit with all the supporting files you need from examples to templates for each step of the process.


The Complete Training and Implementation Kit Includes:

  1. Three Strategic Planning training manuals and three Systems 2-3 training manuals with a license to copy and print as many as you need for use within your own company
  2. The audio CD training library for all three systems which include the following 10 CDs:
       - Corporate Growth - Foundational Management Concepts, Models and Vision
       -  The Six Management Systems For Best Practices in Small to Medium Size Businesses (2 CDs)
       -  Audio training CD on the strategic planning process itself
       - Audio training CD on managing risk and driving innovation. Innovation always requires some risk taking so these must be done together
       - Two audio training CDs on strategic positioning and the tools to develop maximum differentiation, pricing power and competitive advantage. This is what they teach at the top Ivy League business schools, only customized for small and medium size businesses to be highly practical.
  3. Two licensed data CD DISCs with all the forms, worksheets and agenda items you need with PowerPoint templates, spreadsheets and sample plans and 75 person companies 

Notes: a) License includes companies up to 75 people.  A small license fee applies for companies over 75 people, please call (619) SCALE06  b) Additional training Manual sets are available for $45 each plus S & H.


You've heard the saying "you can't build a house without a solid foundation". The same is true of a business. Without a solid Strategic Plan, almost any business will crumble and fail eventually. Often businesses are even destroyed by their own success because they do not have the infrastructure to support growth. These traps can be avoided by good strategic planning because multiple scenarios are typically going to be explored in a good process.

Many businesses fail because they do not have the infrastructure to grow. These traps can be avoided by these systems

Companies and owners often lose everything they worked years for because they have the wrong strategy, market or focus.

To build a successful business you need to be differentiated and a thought leader in your market - ahead of what the customers are asking for today. All the tools you need to stretch your business beyond commodity are included in the AirTight Management's Kit.

  All our products come with a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee

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To take a look at the additional
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Strategic Management Planning Kit


Bob Norton has been a highly successful CEO who built two companies to over $100M in sales from startup. He is the a speaker and author of four books on entrepreneurship, management and leadership. 

  • CEO since 1989
  • CEO Coach and trainer since 2001
  • Grew two companies to over $100 million in sales from startup
  • Creator of The CEO Boot Camp
  • Creator of AirTight Management - The first ever standard for internal management systems of SMBs
  • Product development expert and past VP of Engineering and CTO


Mr. Bob NortonWe are all on a lifelong journey of learning. I have read well over 1,000 books on business from the authors listed below and business gurus over the last 28 years. By melding these ideas over 20 years as an operating CEO, and using my engineering and analytical skills and experience I have created the world's first standard for SMB management systems.

If we haven't convinced you to invest in this package by now, I guess this kit is just not for you. Unfortunately, you will never know what you lost. We take all the risk with a 60 day money back guarantee - what are you waiting for? CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior managers must be decisive and move quickly today.  This is one of the best values you will ever find to improve your business. You can call (619) SCALE06 to learn more or to place a phone order but the quickest way to insure fast delivery is using our secure online shopping cart and a credit card.

This is NOT just a training program with the process and best practices -- It is a comprehensive kit with all the supporting files you need from examples to templates for each step of the process.
To build a successful business you need to be differentiated and a thought leader in your market – ahead of what the customers are asking for today.  All the tools you need to stretch and operate your business are included in this Kit.


We offer a complete 60 day money back guarantee - no reason needed so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This kit and information has so much leverage for your business you can literally make and save millions using this information - this is not hype but the reality of the leverage of owning your own business and building equity in it.

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