World-class Coaching Expertise on Demand


Benefits we offer via one-on-one and group coaching:

• Increase personal effectiveness and respect
• Improve organizational alignment, productivity and culture
• Develop leadership and management skills in your entire team
• Develop your team, board and organization to become a market leader with superior strategy and execution
• Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ), teamwork and culture
• Business Process Improvement (BPM/BPI)
• Install the Management Systems needed to scale
Tap the Experience on What You Want to Achieve

• Unlike most coaches, who “get certified” in a 20 to 40 hour paid program, Bob was a CEO at high-growth companies for 14 years (= 28,000 hours experience) before becoming a professional coach and mentor. He developed his management and leadership skills while creating over $1 billion in value for investors.


Our Coaching Program Includes





Regular Meeting, weekly or bi-weekly
On call instant support by skype, text or email for fast decisions and help
Market watch - Expert relevant news, ideas, and articles that guide your decision




Mr. Norton’s clients include many influential business people, successful entrepreneurs and business owners.  Mr. Norton’s coaching often generates improved business models and products to leverage a client’s assets further. Our process enables and drives dramatic change at the individual and corporate levels. 





Call Us at (619) SCALE06 between 9 am and 7 pm CT.

We can guide you to the appropriate products and services based on your current challenges and budget. 

We offer training, coaching and consulting to help any business launch or scale. This is based on decades of experience. 

Training is the lowest cost (DIY), weekly coaching starts at $1,200/month where we guide you to success over time, and lower risk. And consulting is when you have a $2,500+ budget to solve a specific problem or challenge, and we deliver a result. We also have a virtual executive program to fill holes in your team. 

We have a large number of expert contractors and consultants to help you with specific areas in strategy, scaling, marketing, sales, operations and product development.


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This is available for CEOs and Entrepreneurs only. 24-hour notice required. We will give you advice and recommendations to address your biggest problem today. This could be sales, strategy, marketing, management, operations or scaling your business.