The AirTight Management Video Training Library (VTL) - Previews Below

Now with Over 350 Proprietary Videos to Aid in Startup and Scaling

We have a library of video training courses to allow companies and individual managers to address specific problems that are common.  Learn our AirTight Six Systems and all the management and leadership best practices embedded in them at any pace and very cost effectively.  This is a foundation of knowledge and information that starts a cultural change to high-performance management. 

You can use video training anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Our video player supports any browser, PC, Smartphone or tablet, (Windows, Android or Apple). Video training segments average ten minutes each and entire courses are generally 1-3 hours of video plus handout materials and optional testing for certificates of achievement.  These courses can be taken all at once or spread out over weeks.

Online Video training has the following advantages over in-person lectures and seminars, but is not meant to fully replace these:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Eliminate travel of employees and/or trainers
  3. Consistent delivery quality by the most knowledgeable trainers
  4. Replay as often as you like and refresh an employee's memory when they need it
  5. Online validation and tracking of individual usage
  6. Ability to test and certify employees, managers, and executives in each appropriate area to lead projects or just use the System(s)
  7. Provide a value-added benefit for employees to grow, be challenged and improve their skills, on their own time and/or on company time
  8. Constant 24-7-365 availability
  9. Only a browser is needed, no special hardware or software, so you can start immediately and do anywhere

Video training is automatically included with all our coaching, training and consulting engagements as one part of those programs. We can help you with design and implementation (where the magic happens) remotely or on-site, or you can go it alone using just our training (not recommended except for very experienced executives). 

Our VTL is available by subscription or we also sell audio training CDs with manuals for some courses.
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Training Alone Almost Always Fails!

We provide a customized training plan with coaching added to guarantee success.

Create a market leading company!

Your team will need help and support after starting with video training to implement real change. Implementation requires experience, not just knowledge. It requires discipline, commitment, and the help of an expert with experience too.  Why reinvent the wheel? 

Typically, we can do remote training cost effectively with a "Flip classroom" model. This means the employees view the videos (homework) then get together for a class (virtual or physical) with an expert on that content area. This allows our experts and consultants to focus on applying the training and Systems to your business right away instead of just delivering canned training. We will facilitate group discussion, workshops and help implement via coaching - not just train people. Guiding them through the process carefully. No amount of reading about riding a bike makes you able to ride a bike. You need to get experience using complex things to really lock it in mentally ("experiential learning").

As appropriate we can also do some one-on-one coaching, design and implementation for each department and/or manager where certain people are critical or have trouble shifting their mental patterns and habits. We are so experienced at this we can do things with you in a day that your team could never accomplish in weeks or even months of trial and error - like designing a killer dashboard that frames success and focuses people on the right things for a department in just a couple of hours! Call for a free diagnosis to see which System(s) make the most sense for you to get the largest impact quickly for your bottom line and competitive advantage. A full System (anyone) implementation generally runs about two days on-site work (per System) and is done often over 4-8 weeks to fit into any schedule. We could do this faster but find companies generally need this amount of time to absorb the content and begin.

These sessions will focus on your company's specific needs (gaps) to engage and sell employees on the process and System(s). This is about change management. We will be making permanent changes to a culture to transform it into a high-performance culture. Employees can get several levels of optional certifications to use, lead, maintain and even help implement each System as a Project Leader. We will also help design crucial things like dashboards that require many years' experience to do well, injecting our many decades of experience to get it all done quickly and right the first time.

Comprehensive Training With 24 different courses including four levels for each of the Six Systems. These levels are:

1. Basic or introductory - For individuals who have to use the System in their job - This is a "Green Belt" certification. These courses are numbered 100, 101, etc.

2. Intermediate - For managers with "ownership" of deliverables using one of more Systems. This is a "Red Belt". These are courses 200, 201, etc. 

3. Advanced - For senior managers and executives that have broad responsibility and cross departmental concerns - "Purple Belt". You guessed it 300, 301, etc. 

4. Expert - This certification is mainly for professional consultants and coaches who wish to install the AirTight Management Systems for a living - "Black Belt".

An AirTight "Guru" or "Master" is a Black Belt in all Six Systems and also has at least 10 years management experience. 
Only Black Belts can lead System Implementations.


Previews of a Few of Our AirTight Scaling Video Training Courses



Video Preview Basic Management Training in Goal Setting, Accountability and Performance

Management Best Practices have been shown by research to greatly improve a company's performance, profits, growth and market share. However, few companies train and practice these well documented techniques.

AirTight Management System #2 has collected and refined hundreds of best practices and put them into an easy to adopt System we call "PAMS", short for "Performance, Accountability and Merit System".


Some Samples of Courses We Offer - Literally All Companies Need These.

 Dashboard Fundamentals 101 - Basic Introductory Course - Appropriate for all employees who have any contact with a dashboard or need to provide data to populate a dashboard.

Intermediate Dashboard Training 201 Level - Appropriate for those responsible for project management of the dashboards implementation for your company.

Advanced Dashboards 301 Level - Appropriate for executives and managers responsible for project management of the dashboards implementation for your company.


The Entrepeneur's Journey - Take a tour of the 25+ skills CEOs need to develop to start and grow a successful company.


This is a 3-Part video series that is free to all.  


Get my free eBook The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail - And How to Avoid Them. Based on some research by CB Insights this book examines the exits interviews from failed startups, and we show you how these 20 reasons really come down to a smaller number when you look back at root causes.  Our CEO Boot Camp addresses 18 of these 20 failure points.  The other two are personal. 






 Management Consultant and Business Coach Certifications Also Available - Advanced training for those helping companies implement these systems and best practices.  Call for details. 

These certifications are for professional Consultants and Coaches. And very experienced Senior Executives. See matrix below showing the six AirTight Systems and four certification levels of each.  There are twenty-four separate courses. 



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Video Testimonials from The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camps held between 2004 and 2020.

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