Strategic Planning Workshop- A "Teach to Fish" Approach For the Annual Strategic Planning Process

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Creating a good strategic plan can and should take weeks of collaboration but as a background task, not a full-time effort. One way to reduce that time - and the resulting costs - is a better understanding of the process and elements of strategic planning. This workshop will help you understand and implement a good Strategic Plan by laying out best practices to go through this process. The workshop contains everything you need to smoothly guide your management team through the process as well as sample plans, blank templates, printable worksheets and even agendas for the key meetings all companies should have.


  • Learn our proprietary Strategic Planning Process developed over the last 20 years that has been used by hundreds of CEOs and management teams at a cost of up to $25,000 for a complete strategic planning facilitation. This includes:
    • The 11 required elements of a successful vision, why and how visions work and how to communicate them
    • Our three step Strategic Planning Process also includes six tools to investigate and validate your market and vision which are:
      • The Market Evaluation Worksheet (Excel template included)
      • The Messaging and Communications Model
      • The One-Page Strategic Plan (Excel template included)
      • An overview of the Six Systems that will allow you to execute well (where most companies fail)
      • Competitive Landscape Mapping
      • Risk Landscape Mapping
      • The Management Team Skill Matrix and Evaluation
    • The 8 areas of collaborative strategy discussion you need to facilitate with your team
    • An overview of the Six Systems that will allow you to execute better (where most companies fail)
  • Work with other CEOs on key strategic questions (under confidentiality agreement) getting input from fresh minds who are experienced at strategy
  • Get the complete System #1 CD with 120 supporting files (a $199 value included free with your registration)



Signs that your organization needs a re-invigorated strategic plan:

  • Management team cannot ALL state clearly where the company is going toward at least one year out and quarterly corporate priorities
  • Trouble hiring quality senior people
  • Lots of competition for resources which causes friction
  • Employees avoid responsibility and taking reasonable risks
  • Employees think management is poor
  • There is a lack of appropriate corporate culture and commitment and significant turnover
Each registrant will also receive a data CD with over 120 supporting files to help in the strategic planning process including:
 -Sample Strategic Plans  -Agendas  -Competitive Mapping Tools
 -Printable Worksheets  -Blank Templates  -Marketing Tool


 If you cannot attend the seminar or prefer home study and to add to your management training library then you can get our complete video online program and/or 7 Audio CD Training Program and supporting data DISC with a license to use everything internally by clicking here.


AirTight Management: The Six Systems For Best Practices in Professional Management

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The Strategic Plan is the foundation of your company that makes all the decisions about "what" you will do long term and the strategies for "how" it will get done.

The Strategic Plan is also a framework for the decisions everyone makes in your company and provides the basis for more detailed planning of daily and weekly decisions and priorities. Without a good strategic plan in place you can be sure people will be making many poor decisions that are based on their own personal perspectives instead of a corporate perspective.

The Strategic Plan also helps to explain the business to others in the organization to inform, motivate and getting them involved. It builds unity and passion in the management team and even individual employees. The Strategic Plan therefore will get the most out of your management team and allow maximum collaboration to leverage all the wisdom, experience and knowledge to grow your
business. Research has shown that companies with good goal setting systems perform 56% better than companies without
such systems in place.




Bob Norton has been a highly successful CEO in 4 software and service companies, 2 of which he grew to over $100M in sales. He is now Founder and CEO of AirTight Management, C-Level Enterprises, Inc.,and and a speaker and author of four books on entrepreneurship, management and leadership.

  • CEO since 1989
  • CEO Coach since 2001
  • Grew 2 companies to over
    $100 million from startup
  • Creator of The CEO Boot Camp
  • Product development expert and 
    past VP of Engineering and CTO



We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not agree the seminar is right for you, then you can leave until noon without any materials and get a full refund.

Our Strategic Planning Workshop comes with a 100% money back guarantee