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Strategic Planning - Vision, Mission, Positioning and More . . . 1

Strategic Planning is the most complex process in your organization becuase it must deal with and incorporate all the buiness disciplines: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Product (or Service) Development. It is the "What" you will grow to be in teh future taking into account everything you know about the marketplace, world and people. 

Dashboards and Metrics - Enabling Advanced Management Techniques 2

Dashboards are an extremely powerful enabler of more advanced management techniques. Every company with more than 7 employees and any department with more than 4-5 people doing the same thing should have a custom dashboard. Developing a dashboard is an art very few people can perform as it takes broad and vast business experience.

Human Captial Acquistion and Development (HCAD) 3

Any organization is as good and competitive as its people. Building a culture that attracts, develops and keeps the best people is job #1 for any CEO or manager. This is best done by controling the culture and brand of the company. HCAD includes many tools to help companies create a killer culture and dominate their markets.